Live Compositing in Startracker vs NCAM

Live Compositing NCam vs Startracker

Thanks to Oscar Olarte Ruiz, this is a great PreViz tool, so that we can record in REALTIME, the FG, the BG, the Matte, and the Camera Track data (in FBX format, with zoom a focus) so that we can finish in NUKE the final composition with the OTOY same ORBX file we used for PreViz in UE4.

IN this test Oscar went for STARTRACKER from Mo-Sys, but that has its own drawbacks, which are you have to stick dot stickers all over the ceiling, which is not great for all occasions. But, the good thing about MO-SYS is since it’s based on ultraviolet light, you can shoot even without any light, very good for VFX and film.

Live compositing methods, using Octane Render in NUKE, with live VFX.

Another test with a scene created by Sungwoo Lee with OCTANE RENDER and baked into UE4, and then shot in realtime with the system. The team aims to now get much more precision with the realtime trackers, and better Matte with the realtime hardware keyers.

The idea is to record all the passes including the camera tracking in fbx, to help to finish the scene with OCTANE RENDER plugin for NUKE or AE and the ORBX file, although the realtime quality might be enough for many situations.