On-Set Live Compositing and VFX

What started out as an on-set previsualization tool, combining advances in camera tracking and 3D graphics engine capabilities, on-set VFX are rapidly changing VFX and interactive post-production workflows, with live on-set VFX solutions now reducing overall VFX lead times.

As games, film and digital media technologies converge, these methods and technologies are bringing motion graphic and VFX to projects in live broadcasting, film production, and mixed reality.

Utilising a real-time camera tracking technology, camera rigs can be encoded to capture and record camera motions driving real-time feedback to VFX systems in real-time. Previs assets and virtual environments are deployed on-set serving as temporary backgrounds then composited through the green screen portion of any live image.

Mom & Dad work with two of the worlds leading manufacturers in virtual camera tracking and control, NCAM, and MO-SYS.

Live VFX, AR, VR, live camera tracking with NCam, On-set Live Compositing solution. Previsualization for film.
Using Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) in live VFX and AR / VR projects